Posted on 18 Dec 2015

New joint Managing Director announced

Larkfleet Homes has appointed Helen Hick to the new post of joint managing director.

Helen has been instrumental in the running and growth of the business since its inception. This new appointment acknowledges the depth of her experience and knowledge, not only as part of the company but also within the industry as a whole. 

Helen is a key player on the team at Larkfleet having helped husband, Karl, create and establish Larkfleet. Her previous role was human resources and office management director but her brief has always been far reaching and included many informal aspects which have not necessarily been covered by a job title. For example, her intuitive eye for design and style means she has created a role as the interior designer for all of Larkfleet Homes’ show homes. Larkfleet’s show homes are renowned for their quality of design, decoration and furnishing and Helen will continue to oversee this role as part of her new appointment.

The company is looking at a comprehensive growth plan which includes the recent announcement that is it has established two new housebuilding companies which will extend operations across England, from Cornwall in the west to Norfolk in the east. Larkfleet Homes South West Ltd will develop primarily in Devon, Cornwall and parts of Somerset. Larkfleet Homes Suffolk and Norfolk Ltd will develop homes in England’s eastern-most counties.

These new companies add to the further expansion of the business following the launch last year of Allison Homes which is working alongside Larkfleet Homes across Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Rutland.

This is the latest in a number of recent appointment announcements, all of which will bring the experience and expertise needed to fulfil the future plans for the company.

Helen's 'opposite number' as joint managing director of Larkfleet Homes is Adrian Evans who joined the company earlier this year after 15 years as managing director of Persimmon Homes, East Midlands Division.

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