Posted on 09 Jan 2017

Carbon reduction Award success for Lark Energy

Lark Energy with the award.

Lark Energy with the award.

Lark Energy has won the Anglian Water Supplier Award for the Reduction of CO2 on Operational Sites, working alongside the Anglian Water delivery team and Savills. 

This latest Lark Energy win brings the tally of business awards for the Larkfleet Group of Companies to 50 in seven years. 

Lark Energy’s Sarah-Jane Bond said: “The award demonstrates that we can deliver successful carbon reduction solutions for large commercial clients like Anglia Water. We can help them to reduce their CO2 emissions through the installation of electricity-generating PV solar panels. 

“Lark Energy’s sustainable energy solutions can reduce energy costs for businesses, whether on single or multiple sites. 

“We’re delighted that it is this award for Lark Energy which completes a half-century of award wins for the Larkfleet Group of Companies in just seven years.” 

Anglia Water has been driving to reduce carbon emissions and increase sustainable energy generation at its water treatment and water recycling sites around the UK. Solar PV is being installed on some of its 6,500 sites with system sizes from 250 kWp to 2 MWp. 

Lark Energy worked with Anglia Water to increase sustainable energy generation and reduce carbon emissions and energy costs through renewable solar power throughout 2016. 

PV solar panel electricity generation systems were installed on two sites in Bedford and Northamptonshire. These sites are now making a significant saving on their daytime energy costs through the production of solar energy while also making a significant contribution towards Anglian Water’s carbon reduction targets.

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