Women leading the search for new homes

07 January 2019

Women leading the search for new homes

Research carried out by housebuilder Larkfleet Homes and a number of media partners has revealed that, when it comes to finding a new family home, if there is one person ‘in charge’ it is women who take the lead.

A survey found that in the majority of households there is shared responsibility for the search for a new home, with even the children playing a role in some cases. In almost 70 per cent of households there is no clear leader in the property search.

However, where there is one individual leading the search it is likely to be a woman. This is the case in more than 30 per cent of households. In only a very small number of mixed gender households is it a man taking the lead.

The research also identified a strong role for extended families in both searching and decision-making by first-time buyers with parents (in particular) being heavily involved.

Larkfleet CEO Karl Hick said: “It is important that we understand our customers, what they are looking for in a new home – and who is doing the looking.

“As with any business, our success comes from meeting the needs of our customers. And the first step is to find out what those needs are.”

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