Larkfleet urges government to extend support for construction industry

06 April 2020

Larkfleet urges government to extend support for construction industry

The chief executive of the Larkfleet Group of Companies is supporting the Home Builders Federation (HBF) in its calls for the government to do more to help housebuilders through the coronavirus crisis.

HBF is in constant dialogue with ministers, discussing matters such as how its members can access recently announced financial schemes and the need for existing planning permissions to be extended by 12 months.

Stewart Baseley, HBF’s executive chairman, wrote to housing secretary Robert Jenrick to set out HBF’s wishes on various matters including planning consents and Section 106 payment deferrals.

Looking ahead to a post-Covid recovery, the HBF said: “Housebuilding can play a key part in helping the UK’s long-term recovery by generating benefits throughout the economy. The housing market may take some time to recover from this shock but, in the long term we want to avoid a major impact on our efforts to address the country’s housing shortage.” 

Larkfleet CEO Karl Hick said the government must “play its part” in aiding the industry’s return to economic activity. 

He added: “The chancellor is only too aware that the construction industry is a big contributor to the UK economy. In 2018, the construction sector (commercial and housing combined) contributed £117 billion to the UK economy. 

“Events of the past few weeks have clearly shown that humanity is not ‘in charge’ of its own destiny. But as we work our way through the crisis, we must get back to normal economic activity as swiftly as possible. “At Larkfleet, we will take a lead in this. But we also look to government to play its part.” 

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