Supporting Sands charity with a 100km walk

24 June 2021

Supporting Sands charity with a 100km walk

Danielle Martin, who works as a Technical Co-ordinator and her husband have decided to raise money for Sands the Stillbirth And Neonatal Death charity after having their own tragic experience last year.

They have signed up to complete a 100km Walk in June to raise money for the charity. The goal is to walk a total of 100km during the month, but if the goal is reached early they plan to keep going and see how many kilometres they can achieve.

The charity gives support to families who have suffered this unfortunate situation but they also research into the reasons behind the loss of babies to promote changes in hospital practices and reduce the chances of this happening again.

Whilst they were in hospital last year they received a lot of support from Sands including a memory box for them to keep and they also paid for all of their daughter Mary’s funeral costs. They also provide ongoing support and helplines for parents and other family members should they ever need it no matter how much time has passed.

Danielle said, "This is therefore a charity we have greatly appreciated and want to show this by giving our support in return and raising money for them. I have included a link below to my Facebook Fundraiser page for the charity and would like to ask if anyone would like to sponsor us. Any money that is donated to the fundraiser is sent directly to Sands and this has been set up from their official charity event page. I have also included a link to the event page if there is anyone in the company that is also interested in registering to complete this challenge.

We, at Larkfleet Group would love to see Danielle and her husband recieve support for this charity.


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