Our knowledge of planning policy and procedures means that The Larkfleet Group of Companies has an excellent track record in obtaining planning permission for residential, commercial, energy and mixed-use developments.

As well as in-house expertise, we employ a number of professional planning consultants who work alongside our own team to ensure that any development proposal that is pursued has the greatest possible chance of success.

Planning is a dynamic environment with policies continuously emerging from national and local planning authorities. We are constantly contributing to emerging and future planning policy to ensure that development proposals are financially viable and are ultimately deliverable.

We not only secure planning permissions for companies within the group but also work closely with our clients and partners to ensure that they can meet their development programmes.

Our range of expertise means that we have the ability to deliver short term development proposals through the planning system, negotiate favourable S106 agreements and promote strategic land through the local development framework process.

Our philosophy is always to be open and transparent and, wherever possible, to not only involve local communities but also deliver real community benefits from development. To that end, our Larkfleet Homes company has set up a unique website listing all its current development proposals and inviting public participation in the planning process for each of them.